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Is there a way to modify the history/statistics in Klipper?


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I switched from an OrangePi to a CB1.  Now, the new computer is starting the history stats over, at zero.

Since i'm more concerned with tracking the # of hours and wear/tear on the hardware, and not so much how many hours are on the single board computer,  is there any way for me to modify the history stats and add the hours from the previous SBC?

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Nevermind.  I figured it out by randomly coping the files that seemed most likely, in order from most likely to least likely, from the OrangePi Moonraker folder over to my CB1 Moonraker Folder.  It finally worked when I got to the folder below.


In case anyone in the future is searching, with the same question.  Copy these two files from your old system to your new system.  /home/yourusername/printer_data/database


Replace the data.mdb and lock.mdb files in your new system, with the files from your old system.  






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I was just in the middle of replying and you figured it out 🙂

But yes, presuming you're using something like Mainsail with Moonraker, then Moonraker has a database you should be able to copy across - exactly like you did

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