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Raise Top Acrylic Plate of Trident/V2


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I don't like the little space above the toolhead, because the bowden always rubs against the top acrylic plate on my Trident. Lucky as I am I found a nice distance to raise the top acrylic plate for 25/35/75mm with magnets. think I'll try the 35mm ones.....

pls. see here and tell me what you think about it: https://github.com/jakub874/Jakub3DPrinterMods/tree/main/Tophat

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1 hour ago, Abes Tech Garage said:

@mvdveer but on the Trident the Bowden tube drags across the plexi on top of the toolhead

That is the purposeof this mod - Have installed on my recent Trident build and been printing 50hours plus now - seems to have kept the bowden away from the top plexiglass cover. Sorry about the piece of paper - was part of the serial request (New criteria)


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