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Auto_Z_Calibration Speed



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21 minutes ago, Stadi said:

Do you happen to know if or where I can change the speed of the Auto_Z calibration? It's about checking the distance from the limit switch to the middle of the bed, where the X-carriage almost falls asleep

I think this may help?

I also suggest upping the homing speed under the X and Y motor settings from 80 to 100


EDIT sorry, link to the wrong topic... 

This should be the one, setting the PROBE speeds I think.


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No, that's not related
Some time ago I increased the speed for X and Y, also for QGL.
At Print_Start, after scanning the Nozzle and the Probe-Switch, it moves Incredible slowly to the Middle of the Bad to check them.
So it must be defined somewhere in Auto_Z I think

Edit: just found this commented out area in the Auto_Z.cfg. I activated it and will test it

#speed: 50
#   The moving speed in X and Y. The default is 50 mm/s.


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[gcode_macro _User_Variables]
variable_verbose:             True    # Enable verbose output
variable_travel_speed:         800    # how fast all other travel moves will be performed when running these macros
variable_move_accel:          2000    # how fast should the toolhead accelerate when moving
variable_dock_speed:            50    # how fast should the toolhead move when docking the probe for the final movement
variable_release_speed:         75    # how fast should the toolhead move to release the hold of the magnets after docking
variable_z_drop_speed:          6    # how fast the z will lower when moving to the z location to clear the probe

Z calibrate itself doenst have speed settings I think, it uses everything from Klicky.

These are the start of my Klicky_variables

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The Klicky variables don't work there.
It is actually the commented out Speed value in the Auto_Z.cfg that is responsible, line activated and at 400 it runs 😊

Now I just have to see how I can teach him not to drive so high in Z with the Auto_Z.
I'll still manage the Crash with my Cluelessness 🤣

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